Stanley Ohios was born in Lagos, Nigeria, the second in a family of six children. He started drumming at the age of five after observing older drummers at his home church, and would play alongside them, practicing on his chest or lap.

Described as a natural drummer, he taught himself the drum rudiments, basic rock and roll, paradiddle-diddle, and basic sticking techniques, and soon started playing regularly at church services and programs.

Stanley compounded and harnessed his craft by playing for several groups, jazz bands and ministries in Nigeria. These included Vessels of Gold, The Streamz, Living Waters HQ, Communion Church HQ, amongst many others. Stanley’s natural ability to arrange and compose music enabled him to work with Nigerian songstress Hope Davids, the Steve Rodes Orchestra, and Soul-Lite Melodies, with whom he played on five live DVD recordings.

Stanley’s popularity grew and made the decision to make the musical relocation to South Africa. This move brought him further notoriety and built both his repertoire and his skill.
He has played extensively in major music and jazz festivals in South Africa and Southern African countries…#The Standard Bank Joy of jazz, Arts Alive festival, Northern Cape festival, Makufe Jazz festival ..and so on..

Stanley Ohios is an outstanding, forward thinking and intellectual drummer. Dynamic, skillful and technically gifted, his ability to drum ‘outside of the box’ has afforded him the opportunity to travel extensively to countries including the USA, Zambia, Swaziland, Namibia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, playing for top South African Top acts such as Wanda Baloyi and Liz Ogunbo from Kenya, The Dawnay Band, Pulple U, Winnie Khumalo,Kunle Ayo, Olufemi and the Natives.

Stanley Ohios founded StanDrums Entertainment following the demand for his skills and development drum workshops in Lagos, Nigeria. The success of these workshops led to annual events attended by drummers from the region and beyond.

Now in the UK and actively involved in teaching under StanDrums Entertainment, Stanley is expected to continue conducting seminars and classes inspiring as many young musicians of all ages with their main instrument as drums. Stanley is currently the drummer for the soulful gospel outfit, Kase Ministries.

Stanley quotes, “With all the problems of the world today, I feel this is my way of contributing a positive action towards spiritual happiness, which music can be a big part of, if you let it. So
parents, if your child has a talent for music, please allow them the opportunity to develop that talent!”